The North Technology Group is a family of companies dedicated to advancing watersports through innovation and superior technology. These companies include:

© North Sails You can spend a lifetime learning to be a better sailor. North U is here to accelerate the process with seminars, books, CDs, and a full range of on the water programs.

© NS Gear With the help of North Sails employees, we have put together the ultimate collection of sailing gear, accessories and gifts for practical and fashionable sailors alike. Whether you're shopping for a North Sails t-shirt or belt, a Loos Gauge or an Aramid/Nylon briefcase, North Sails Gear has exactly what you're looking for!

© Edgewater

EdgeWater Powerboats, a quality line of unsinkable high-performance outboard sportboats built for a smooth, controlled ride in virtually any condition.

© Southern Spars Southern Spars is the world leader in light, strong and durable carbon fiber spars, carbon fiber rigging, and marine components. 

© North Sails
North TPT specializes in the industrial application of their patented "Thin Ply Technology," which laminates ultra-thin layers of spread filament tapes to form extremely strong and light structures. Thin Ply Technology allows either a dramatic reduction in thickness when compared to a traditional laminate of similar strength, or a dramatic increase in strength when compared to a traditional laminate of similar thickness.

© North Sails
North Sails Sportswear is European gear for the fashion-minded sailor!

© North Flags North Flags specializes in high-quality products at competitive prices for golf courses, yacht clubs, municipalities, schools and businesses.

© North Sail Outlet The North Sail Outlet offers sailors an affordable way to get quality pre-owned sails. We have the largest inventory of pre-owned sails anywhere.

All sails are certified by members of the North Sails Service Team, who carefully measures and inspect every sail that enters the loft before we offer it to you.

© North Sails Direct North Sails launched North Sails Direct with a simple philosophy: Maximize a sailor’s enjoyment and minimize their hassles. Our main goal is to provide sailors with the opportunity to purchase quality cruising and racing sails at a reasonable price.