One Design

Precise Consistency.

One design racing - where it all comes down to skill, action and excitement.

One Design is dedicated to supplying production rigs, from high performance dinghies up to 60 foot performance cruisers. With an emphasis on value for money, we apply the lessons learned at the grand prix end of the spectrum along with experience from many years of building the most successful custom carbon rigs in the world, to create superb, consistent, production rigs.

As part of the product mix, One Design also produces composite components such as spinnaker poles, sprits, booms, glass and carbon tubing, sail battens, stanchions, masthead wands, tillers and extensions.

We are the supplier to some of the hottest one design classes in the world including the Farr 40s, Mumm 30s and Melges 24s. Milestones include over 1000 Melges 24 masts and 300 Mumm 30 masts produced.

Manufacturing of larger rigs are built in a 4800sqm purpose built factory in Cape Town. Smaller tubes such as spinnaker poles are built in Auckland.