EC6 Continuous: the shrouds run continuously from the deck to the mast, eliminating all spreader tip connection hardware, creating the lightest and cleanest rigging solution available. The system has been designed for yachts ranging in size from 11 to 200+ feet. It is utilised on both racing and cruising applications.

Owner of SY Twizzle notes, “It would not have been possible to build S/Y Twizzle to be a performance sailing yacht just a couple of years ago.  We are delighted with our state-of-the-art EC6 Continuous carbon fibre rigging and low profile spreader tips. The saving in weight and windage in the rigging, in the spreaders and at the deck fittings has allowed us to create performance racing with world cruising capabilities, especially when combined with the Southern Spars carbon masts and booms and North 3DL sails”.

Imagine has just completed her maiden voyage from NZ to Tahiti departing in 40- 50kts. Captain SY Imagine, "She handled the conditions well and it was very nice not to be carrying the extra two and a half tonnes of rigging aloft as afforded by the EC6 rigging.  The fittings and terminations of the rig look very tidy too which is always a good thing on a superyacht”.

EC6 carbon stays have also been developed for smaller boats. The product is currently available for the International Moth class. Weight savings of 75% have been achieved over the standard wire rigging. The product which is made up of one pultruded rod has a safe working load of 500kgs. 


A number of jacketing materials can be used to encase the bundled carbon rods, including:

- spectra
- polyester braiding

The Turnbuckles

The streamlined looking turnbuckles are designed for complete ease of use. The captive ball inside the lock nut means no tools are required to unlock for adjustment. This makes it very easy to adjust the D tensions while sailing under any condition.