Element C6 Rigging

With more than 100 yachts now carrying Element C6 rigging, this ground-breaking continuous carbon fibre product has opened up a new world of performance and reliability.

EC6 has been installed on a variety of yachts ranging from 11 ft Moths up to Volvo 70s and 200 ft+ superyachts. Every test, on and off the water, proves that EC6 outlasts any other rigging product on the market.

EC6's carbon cables

Element C6 cables are constructed from a bundle of small diameter pultruded carbon fibre rods. 

The carbon rods are made from Toray’s T800 intermediate modulus fibre, which provides the optimal combination of strength, stiffness and elongation, and therefore making it well suited for use standing rigging.

Each rod has a known tensile strength and stiffness which enables the cables to be customised for the loads on each yacht.

Unique terminating process

A unique terminating process was developed for EC6 to overcome the issues of stress concentrations and scalability that plagued earlier attempts at using carbon rod in standing rigging.

GL approval

In 2009 EC6 Rigging was awarded GL Type Approval. GL is the world’s leading marine certification company. Their mission statement is to ensure safety at sea, strive for technological progress and act according to the highest quality approach. These is certainly a mission that Composite Rigging embrace with EC6 and all our products.