Other rigging options

Southern Spars offers alternatives to ECsix for rigging construction, as detailed below.

Aramid rigging

Aramid rigging is a cost-effective lightweight rigging technology suitable for all levels of racing and cruising.

Aramid rigging is a mature product based on ‘cone and spike’ termination of uni-directional kevlar fibres that are encased in a variety of extruded jackets. Unique in their excellence, Composite Rigging's kevlar assemblies are constructed with the highest quality K-49 and K-149 fibres.

The exclusive Aramid cables feature extremely straight and compacted fibres with the thinnest, lightest jacket available, maximising the strength and stiffness of cable relative to its outer diameter.

The rigging is manufactured on-site in North Kingstown, Rhode Island under strict quality control guidelines and can be supplied with custom or standard end fittings to suit any requirement.