Performance gains

EC6 carbon rigging has captured all the performance factors into one form:

-          aerodynamics

-          longevity

-          durability

-          strength

-          weight

Environmentally Inert:
The pultruded carbon fiber strength elements are not affected by exposure to moisture or visible light. Unlike PBO or Aramid fibers which suffer strength degradation when exposed to the elements carbon fiber is materially unaffected. In fact we are able to supply cables with essentially no jacketing for additional weight and diameter reduction.


EC6 cables can be uncovered and strength elements completely exposed to facilitate inspection.

Elegant and Functional Fitting:
Composite Rigging’s line of complimentary hardware incorporates elegant solutions to functionality issues. An example is the ball-lock turnbuckle assembly that does not require tools to unlock for adjustment.

Can be refurbished & Repaired
Cables can be refurbished with new jacketing. Minor damage to the structural carbon rods can be repaired by scarfing in new material

The real life strength test.
The 29,000 mile non-stop Barcelona World Race revealed the ultimate result - post-race testing on Paprec Virbac 2’s D1 rigging showed no strength or stiffness degradation during training and racing 29,000 miles.

Minimising Weight

"If a TP52 retrofitted to EC6 Continuous rigging, the weight could be reduced by up to 20kg’s. A 20kg savings, 7.5 meters up is like adding 135kg’s to the bulb or around 4% of the bulb weight. This corresponds to approximately 2.5 righting moment increase, taking into consideration crew weight.”
Steve Wilson, Rig Designer.

Carbon composites are well known for their exceptional strength to weight ratio. Recent weight comparison studies between EC6 and other rigging products show the substantial weight differences between products.

Streamlining Windage EC6 Continuous
No spreader tip connections eliminates frontal area and bulk, and minimizes the junction drag at the tip with the added benefit of being able to reduce the spreader tip size to the absolute minimum. Comparison of EC6 Continuous with other composite rigging products indicates a rigging drag reduction on the order of 12% (ref Windage Study Example).

High Damage Tolerance:

Chafe tests have shown the carbon pultrusions to be as tough as the jacketing it is encased in. Should the jacket be damaged the structural rods are able to withstand additional abrasion and can remain exposed if necessary. Unlike wound fiber cables which can ‘unravel’, the EC6 cable retains the strength of each constituent rod that remains intact if there is damage to the strength elements. Additionally the bundled construction allows the cable to dissipate energy from impacts from such things as spinnaker poles.

Exceptional Fatigue Characteristics:

Carbon composites exhibit very high fatigue life when subjected to nominal stress levels. Tension-tension fatigue testing performed on EC6 indicates that this is the case in this application. The titanium end fittings are sized to keep the stress levels below the fatigue limit of the material.