Retrofitting EC6

A growing number of larger performance cruisers and superyachts are now making - in some cases, needing to make - the shift away from rod rigging toward composite standing rigging solutions utilising EC6. And with the opportunity to reduce the rigging weight by as much as 70%, it makes sound sense.

The use of carbon rigging is not only restricted to new yachts. EC6 can be adapted to fit nearly all existing masts and rigging hardware. Spreader tips can be modified to accommodate the continuous rigging bundle perfectly, saving on weight and windage.

Superyacht Ghost was one of the first to undergo an EC6 Continuous retrofit. In late 2009 existing spreaders were optimised to accommodate the EC6 Continuous stay, doing away with the weight and windage of the conventional tipcup spreader format.

More recently, Icon, a Robert Perry design with Southern Spars mast, was refitted with EC6 Continuous rigging in Seattle. The yacht elected not to do a spreader modification and utilised Composite Rigging’s spreader plug. The almost 75% weight saving over the rod-based rig has helped the yacht’s light air performance.

Two French yachts, the Swan 601 @robas and Maxi French Spirit, have also converted to EC6 Continuous utilising the spreader plug option.

The latest yachts that have been retrofitted with EC6 rigging are the Fontaine 115 ft Whisper and the Frers 112ft Unfurled.