ECsix Carbon Rigging

When your mast must stay up.

ECsix, the most innovative continuous carbon rigging in the marine industry. The campaign centers around the product’s standout features; high performance, value and longevity in grueling ocean conditions.

“ECsix was introduced in 2004 and has become the most popular carbon rigging in the world,” said Scott Vogel, President of Composite Rigging. “In just ten years, ECsix has sailed over 1,000,000 nautical miles in all conditions and has not had a single failure due to age, wear, waves, weather or water. Our new campaign speaks to the fact that ECsix helps to make the world’s best boats better.

The product has been installed on over 500 yachts ranging from eleven foot Moths to Volvo 70s and Superyachts. ECsix has undergone millions of loading and unloading cycles with zero degradation. Every test, on and off the water, proves that ECsix outlasts any other rigging product on the market. 

ECsix is the trusted choice amongst the majority of sailing’s most respected professional race programs. “I went around the world twice with ECsix,” said Ken Read, President of North Sails Group and Skipper of two Volvo Ocean Races onboard PUMA Ocean Racing. Complete reliability, light weight, low’s these performance characteristics, combined with an amazing track record of reliability, that makes ECsix the clear favorite of competitive sailors and performance cruisers everywhere.”

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    -    Head Furls 15+ seconds faster

    -    Replaces headstay and furling foil combination

    -    Reduces cost, weight & wind drag

    -    Safer Sailing

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