Composite Rigging

Every sailor knows that the rigging is a major contributor to a yacht’s performance. It affects a yacht’s ability to accelerate, its aerodynamics, heel, pitch, keel weight and the sails' response due to rigging stretch.

The science behind Composite Rigging's Element C6 (EC6) rigging has been extensively proven, both on and off the water, since its development by Southern Spars Compositive Rigging team in 2003.

Since its introduction, EC6 rigging has produced a record number of firsts:
- The first commercially-viable carbon sailboat rigging;
- The first carbon continuous rigging product;
- And most importantly, an ever-increasingly number of first place wins across the finish line.

EC6 has opened up a new world of performance and reliability. With the technology now well established on the racecourse, EC6's advantages are also being recognised for use on superyachts. These include:
- Less weight aloft translates to more stability while sailing and less motion at anchor;
- More flexibility for the designer with ballast and displacement;
- Extended service periods.

"The EC6 rigging and total spar package supplied by Southern Spars for the Farr 400 is an absolute top shelf product. The Farr 400 needed to have grand prix look and function at club racing level availability. The rig and rigging delivers 100% on that goal. It’s an absolutely gorgeous package." ~ Farr Yacht Design president Patrick Shaughnessy.

EC6 offers significant performance gains, second to none, whether you're building a new yacht with EC6 specified or looking to retrofit an existing yacht with EC6 rigging. Using EC6 can deliver a lighter, stronger rigging package with less stretch, corrosion, fatigue and windage. Its long lifespan and reasonable price are also considerations when developing the perfect rigging solution.

Remember, every kilogram saved in the rigging equates to a 7 kg saving in the keel.

Southern Spars Composite Rigging business supplies both EC6 and aramid rigging. All can be customised to your requirements. We also deal with a wide range of suppliers to provide aramid, standard rigging and running rigging.

Once your new rig is designed and manufactured, we enlist the specialist expertise of our world-wide Rig Pro service team to step, tune and maintain it to the highest standards.