LOUPS, dogbones, Dyneema slings & furling torsion cables

Detailed information about LOUPS can be found in our downloadable LOUPS catalogue.

Rig Pro USA uses dogbones made in Nitronic rod or alloy for all dogbones. We generally stock some standard sizes but can always make custom sizes utilizing our in-house machine shop. We can also produce ‘sling style’ strops using LOUPS techniques. This form of construction results in a stronger assembly than a spliced single length of rope, and also allows for shorter length assemblies than standard splicing would allow. Common applications for this would be halyard lock strops, bobstays, and forestay strops.

For some applications we order uni-directional slings from Maffioli and Smart Rigging. These will come pre-stretched and over-braided with either polyester or Dyneema. The ends can be fitted with soft eyes of ‘hard’ ends with a bushing for fitting of a pin. The load bearing material inside can be a variety of materials including PBO, Kevlar, or Dyneema. These strops are custom ordered to a specific length.

With the development of furling sails for different markets, Rig Pro USA has been working with many providers to develop the best torsion cables for different applications. Together with North Sails, we have tested many styles of ‘cables’ and specified which technique works for certain sails. With the addition of ‘top down’ furlers to the market, there are new challenges for these products. Rig Pro USA works with Future Fibers, Smart Rigging, and Maffioli for high load furling products.