Lifeline replacement in wire and Dyneema

ISAF has deemed it legal to use Dyneema for lifelines on yachts competing in a sanctioned event. US Sailing events still have to sign off on this, as at December 2001, but are doing so on a per event basis. Dyneema has long been used for lifelines on cruising boats and one-designs like the Melges 24 and 32.

‘Soft’ lifelines have many advantages in addition to the obvious weight savings. Wear on sails is reduced they do not have to be replaced as frequently. We use lifeline parts from Hayn for some terminations and around gates. Tensioning can be done using turnbuckles, or simple lashings. We tend to use Samson’s Amsteel Blue product but will also use Dynice DUX for larger boats. Rig Pro USA uses a ‘pulling bench’ to pre-stretch lifelines so that they are stable once installed.

We also make traditional wire lifelines using high quality Loos 316 stainless steel wire. We use Hayn and C. Sherman Johnson terminations and pelican hooks. Our service department can come to your boat, measure, fabricate, and then install the lifelines for you. Rig Pro USA stocks all of these parts so that we can react to your lifeline and safety needs.