Batten Slide System

As super yachts increase in size, especially those vessels nearing 60m, there will be a need to deal with the high rate of bolt rope and sail wear.

> We have designed a compact batten slide that furls with the sail around the mandrel.

> The system has replaceable lead in, running and wear surfaces.

> And utilises a flexible urethane interface between Car, Batten and Sail.

> The new luff track efficiently captures the batten and headboard car loads.

Flexi Feeder

> Deceptively simple in function, yet complex in design.

> It is robust enough to collect, align and feed the batten cars onto the mainsail track, while being kind to the sail.

> The Flexi Feeders unique fluted ramps and bolt rope collectors can cope with the high car loads and misalignment, whilst operating at high sail hoist rates.