Masts for cruising/racing yachts

© Southern Wind Shipyard -- SY KibokoThe desire to combine high performance for top-class racing and sufficient comfort for enjoyable cruising creates some of the world’s most interesting sail yachts.

The team at Southern Spars has many years’ experience working with owners and their project teams to deliver a spar and rig package which truly meets their racing-plus-cruising objectives.

Evolving carbon fibre technology sees Southern Spars continually bring new innovations to spar design and manufacture. There is an on-going crossover of technology and componentry innovation throughout all classes of yachts – Grand Prix, superyachts and cruiser-racers – for which Southern Spars designs and manufactures masts. For example, the company’s patented EC6 continuous carbon fibre rigging is used for virtually all superyacht projects and the thin ply technology (TPT®) carbon fibre for mast construction is also crossing over the race/cruiser boundary.

The ability to develop a unique, custom-built spar and rig package specifically for your yacht is what brings owners back to Southern Spars season after season, yacht after yacht.

The many hundreds of race and regatta wins of Southern Spars-rigged cruiser-racers highlight the vital role that the company’s talented designers, project managers and manufacturing and service personnel play in creating and maintaining the perfect masts, booms and rigs for owners the world over.

Several projects of this nature are highlighted in the Grand Prix / racer projects section.