Superyacht masts

© Alloy Yachts/Chris Lewis -- SY ImagineThe mast, or masts, of a superyacht is the result of an incredible working partnership involving the expertise of the yacht's designer, her builder, her sail-maker and the manufacturer of her spar and rigging package.

As superyacht owners seek ever-larger, performance-oriented sail yachts, the emphasis on technology in the mast, spar and rigging components continues.

The team at Southern Spars sees an on-going crossover between the technology and componentry innovation applied to Grand Prix racing yachts and that used in luxury superyachts. The company’s patented EC6 continuous carbon fibre rigging is used for virtually all superyacht projects and the thin ply technology® (TPT®) carbon fibre for mast construction is also crossing over the race/luxury boundary.

Phenomenal strength is needed in the mast and rigging to carry the immense sail plans on-board a superyacht – anywhere between 33 and 68 metres in length. The yacht’s massive dimensions must be balanced with the mast and boom for both aesthetics and engineering capabilities. Booms are frequently customised for furling abilities and the mounting of bimini covers and shade sails. The sheer scale of electronic, navigation and communications components which need to be accommodated within the mast(s) and its spreaders add yet another dimension to the design and manufacturing processes for the Southern Spars’ team.

The many international design awards won by superyachts carrying Southern Spars’ spar and rig packages highlight the vital role that the company’s talented designers, project managers and manufacturing personnel play in creating world-leading superyacht masts, booms and rigs.

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