© Fitzroy Yachts -- SY ZefiraA mast is one of the most dynamic components of a yacht.

It must be designed to cope with a multitude of loads derived from different weather conditions, wave conditions, sail loads, sailing angles, crew weights, and sail types. A good mast must perform in any and all conditions.

At Southern Spars we work with two key objectives in mind to make exceptional spars that are reliable and that perform.

Firstly, we utilise sound principles of design and manufacture, combined with a detailed understanding of our customers' requirements.

Secondly, our masts are built using carbon fibre as we believe the benefits of carbon – its high strength, stiffness and light weight – can significantly improve a rig's performance. Carbon spars can be made using a variety of manufacturing techniques and different grades of carbon that result in significant differences in the end product.

We have an in-depth understanding of each manufacturing technique, including male and female moulded masts, and the care needed to control each step of the process.

Our Custom Projects division specialises in tailor-made masts while production rigs are manufactured by our One Design business. Further details on mast design and construction are available in the superyacht, cruiser/racer, Grand Prix and one design sections.