Design Software - Rig Calc

RigCalc is unique design software developed and used by Southern Spars to determine accurate:

•Rig geometry and loads
•Mast properties and rigging sizes
•Weight estimates
•Rig option comparisons
•Integrated with North Sail's Membrain for FEA global analysis

This unique computer software has been developed entirely in-house over many years, and is built on a solid foundation of research development and on-the-water testing. RigCalc designs every rig to withstand the loads for sailing, but without overbuilding it, ensuring the rig will perform exactly to specification. Southern Spars use Finite Element Analysis extensively as part of the engineering programme, providing a complete picture of all loads on the spar, rigging and components.

Armed with data from RigCalc rig design studies, informed discussions with the yacht owner and designer take place to select the final spar configuration for the boat. The decision will be based on desired sailing characteristics, overall weight, aesthetics, price and ultimate strength of the spar.  After the final configuration is determined, final FEA analysis is performed to generate all loads required for the next design phase.


How RigCalc Benefits the Yacht Owner

•Optimising spar configuration of spreaders and rigging structure to gain maximum performance.

•Minimising weight in the spar, in cruising applications this allows more weight in luxury, onboard items.

•Continual feedback of real-life data into RigCalc means each new rig design is based on the latest information.

•Proven design process based on history and knowledge of all past projects.

•RigCalc can be used with sail design software Membrain.

Using a library of North Sail designs, Membrain can be run with virtual sails incorporating the structural interaction of sail and rig to replicate real world = most accurate method.

"Once Southern Spars came on board, rig and sail design came into line quickly. Rig testing done in the computer saved us a lot of tuning time when ABN hit the water." Mike Sanderson, ABN AMRO ONE Skipper.