About Design

Essentially spar design is dictated by a yacht’s sail plan, chain plate width, righting moment, type of use (cruising or racing), and how the yacht will be sailed. It is through thorough research into these components, along with using state of the art design software, that Southern’s in-house design team can develop an optimum rig configuration. Simply put, this entails determining the ideal stiffness for the rig, the size of the mast section, the wall thickness of the section, the number of spreaders, spreader length, type of carbon used and rigging sizes.

Every aspect of a Southern rig is investigated thoroughly.

In-House design team

Southern’s experienced, long serving design team apply engineering excellence to achieve innovative yet practical design solutions. The design team is totally in-house, ensuring fidelity to the brief and setting the scene for a rigorous, documented quality control regime.

Each custom-built rig is assigned an individual Project Manager who will manage the rig from start to finish. The project’s manager is also a designer, which means a customers point of contact with Southern Spars is the person who knows all the technical detail. The project manager also coordinates the total design knowledge of Southern’s in-house experts in various fields such as furling booms and composite engineering.

The technology developed for high performance racing yachts often transfers to cruising applications, resulting in high–performance cruising rigs.