Manufacturing Techniques

One of the most confusing aspects of the carbon spar market is sorting through claims from all of the spar manufacturers about which construction technique is best.

At Southern, we use a variety of methods each tailored to supply the best product for a particular yacht. Larger high performance rigs are female moulded in two pieces so that internal structure can be optimised. We have found that this produces the lightest mast with better internal detailing and better external finish ready for painting.

Smaller high performance rigs are built as one piece tubes in female moulds. The size of the rig has minimal need for internal components and still comes out of the mould with a smooth exterior requiring very little added weight in painting and fairing.

Thin wall tubes like spinnaker poles are built as one piece tubes on male mandrels. This is the most cost effective way of producing this type of tube.

"Achieving a superior result in performance, aerodynamics and aesthetics"