Our rigs have been chosen by the pinnacle of yacht racing and cruising teams. We have a long history of supplying rigs to the America’s Cup and were on two of the three challengers in AC34 in San Francisco. Our rigs have been fitted on Superyacht of the Year award winners several times.

We recognise that going swiftly and looking phenomenal is a key part of a yacht’s design criteria. Whether it be winning the local club series or the Maxi Cup, admiring the exquisite detailing or reviewing the pristine paint finish after several years of hard use.

Carbon fibre is a supremely versatile material, but needs to be combined in a careful and intelligent way to achieve maximum performance. It is vulnerable to stress concentration factors and requires careful design to achieve the optimum bend characteristics.

Our design process emphasises weight reduction at every stage. From choice of materials offered (titanium and high modulus fibre) to the build processes we use.

Southern Spars Design Process

MemBrain Design Software

Southern Spars MemBrain

Our designers work closely with your sail makers. We use a subset of North Sails’ MemBrain package to allow designers to work with real sail shapes during rig design.

By doing this, masts and rigging can be matched to the high and complex loads generated by the sails. Dimensions and bend work together with the working shape of the sails throughout the wind range and with different sail combinations.

Our masts allow your sails to perform exactly as they were designed to.