Manufacture process

We produce the finest bespoke rigs in the world.  As well as the big picture, the difference is in our detailing.  Each small detail adds up to make a significant benefit.

carbon female moulding

It starts in the design phase. We spend more time planning and in design optimising your rig than other manufacturers. We model loads carefully and we look at their combined effect.

We select tooling from our wide range of shapes and this gives us the ability to get the best dimensions for appropriate performance.

Over the years, we have found that this investment pays back handsomely in sailing performance and enjoyment.

6-axis robot

Our quality standards are extremely high. We have a meticulous quality control system refined over 25 years. We use LEAN manufacture to ensure organisation, traceability and consistency. We train our staff in best practice and have over 300 Standard Operating Procedures to ensure each detail is carefully executed. We have full-time Finite Element Analytical resource in house and Ultrasound and other NDT methods to check our work before it leaves the manufacture facility.

We have 10 CNC machining centres to support production and a six Axis robot and a five metre CNC machining centre for larger parts.

We have full-time dedicated R &D support so we can test out new products on the test bed, not on your project.