If it's carbon, we can do it, and do it better.

Spending 25 years at the top of the mast manufacturing business has given Southern Spars an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience in producing the highest performing carbon components.

Quantum leaps in performance aren’t made by evolving the design and process that you already have – they’re made by starting again, with a blank piece of paper and thinking outside the box. This is what Southern Spars specializes in.

When applied to other areas, our design and manufacture resources produce components that are lighter and stiffer than most market leaders across a range of industries.

Projects we have worked on

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Medevac Stretchers

Southern Spars is building a range of carbon medevac stretchers for Pacific Aerospace. Our stretchers are extremely light  for transporting incapacitated or severely injured patients to rescue planes.

Being light, durable and easy to handle were a key requirements  to make these components effective in the field.

Bicycle Wheels

Southern Spars builds light and stiff wheels for bicycles. These are available in limited quantities for a limited period of time in late 2016. More information to follow.

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