Great Cup 32

About the Project

Conceived by Amsterdam-based French businessman Laurent Lenne and designed by Dr Martin Fischer, the Great Cup 32 is a 10m long (12m including bowsprit) by 6m wide foiling catamaran; that is one of the world’s fastest racing yachts. It is aimed at both pro-sailing teams and private owners looking to experience the latest in ultra-high performance racing and a level of sailing boat technology – albeit simplified – typically only available to America’s Cup teams.

While the GC32 shares many similarities with the foiling America’s Cup catamarans, free from rule constraints it has been conceived as a ‘better foiler, ’ i.e., a boat that can allow sailors of varying experience – not only elite level athletes – to enjoy the very latest technology in high-performance yacht racing.

Southern Spars plays a large part in the production of the GC32, building the mast, crossbeams, spine and bowsprit with rigging supplied by Future Fibres.