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  • TP52 Class
  • TP52 Class
  • About the Project

    Southern Spars dominates the TP52 Super Series, which has become the premier professional grand prix circuit in the world. All of the boats launched in 2015 have been rigged with Southern Spars packages.

    The TP52 is an exciting class of yacht that races grand prix circuit style without handicap, attracting substantial spectator and media attention. TP52s are flat-out racing platforms; fully crewed, high performance monohulls capable of racing in both buoy regattas and offshore races.

    They are extremely fast carbon fibre yachts that are built to ‘box rules’ where owners hire their own builders and designers, and select their preferred sail maker, spar builder, winch maker and electronics packages. Owners are also free to hire professional crews or invite their friends aboard and each have a vote should they wish to change the box rules.

    These high performace monohulls are designed to race in both offshore races and buoy regattas and have reached race speeds of up to 32 knots.

    Southern Spars has a strong association with many leading TP52 owners and boats. Built by the Custom Projects team, each TP52 rig is designed and built to meet the owner’s requirements within the box rules. The carbon fibre masts are built to withstand the masthead roller furling jib loads, successfully so as no TP52 has ever been dismasted while racing.

    Designer: Team choice
    LOA: 52 feet
    Mast Height: 22.5 metres