Finest Carbon Booms

Southern Spars has a full time team of experienced designers, dedicated to designing booms of all varieties, with integrated RigCalc software at their fingertips. The project specific design of a boom plays a vital role in the performance and usability of a yacht’s sail, spar and rigging package.

Southern Spars designs and produces a range of booms from 11-foot foiling moths up to mega yachts stretching more than 200-feet. They are all constructed in carbon from with specially shaped moulds, unlike many manufacturers, who use make do with generic moulds. This makes the booms lighter, with superior aerodynamics and sleeker looks.

Booms for all applications

SouthernFurl Boom


The New Zealand-built 192-foot performance sloop Kokomo III was the first superyacht to benefit from Southern’’s new generation SouthernFurl furling boom system.

The key features of the new system are:

  • Carbon construction
  • An open-front shell design
  • A new drive system mounted at the back of the boom, enabling easy connection of the hydraulic outhaul system
  • A new attachment for the mandrel to mast
  • On larger yachts, a new batten slide system.

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Park Avenue Boom

parker ave boom by southern spars
Retaining many of the benefits of a Racing Box Boom when sailing, the Park Avenue has the advantage of a wide top ‘wing’ platform to make flaking sails a breeze. Soft lines make this a truly classic looking boom.

Benefits of the Park Avenue

  • •Wide top ‘wing’ platform
  • •Performance benefits
  • Sail reefing
  • Adjustment controls
  • •Enhanced sail tuning ability

Racing Box Boom

Box Boom

This is Southern’’s full noise race boom. It is often deep in section to provide maximum stiffness to weight efficiency and to give added downwind effective sail area.

Differing cross sectional shapes are available to suit the yacht’s performance requirements.

Possibility to add outriggers for supporting flaked sails.

Benefits of the Racing Box Boom:

  • •Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • •Maximised downwind effective sail area
  • •Enhanced sail tuning ability

Veelux Boom

veelux boom by southern spars

Similar in application to the traditional Park Avenue Boom, the Veelux Boom offers a much deeper sail flaking cavity to almost completely hide the stowed sail. This gives a cleaner, minimalistic look when at rest.

The shape offers a contemporary look, with strong lines whilst still retaining the classic aerofoil curves along its length. The result is an ultra-clean boom package with deceptively large volume for sail storage.

Benefits of the Veelux Boom

  • •Deep sail flaking cavity
  • •Clean, contemporary aesthetics
  • •Classic aerofoil curves
  • •Enhanced sail tuning ability

Truss Wing Boom

wing boom by southern spars

Our Tuss Wing Boom offers a high performance alternative to the Park Avenue design. The Truss Wing Boom is, in essence, a racing box boom, with secondary bonded lightweight truss wings. It is lightweight and sports clean lines, ideal for a cruiser/racer.

Benefits of the Wing Boom

  • •Cost effective
  • •Lightweight
  • •Easy sail stacking