Rig Pro Cares for your mast

Through Rig Pro, we manage, service and maintain your mast, continuing our unmatched level of customer care throughout the life of your rig – whether you’re a grand prix racer or a luxurious cruiser.

Rig Pro's Service & Maintenance Programs

Southern Spars Rig Pro

Choose RigPro, the acknowledged experts in grand prix and superyacht servicing, refits, upgrades and rig optimisation. Our access to world-class equipment and leading-edge testing technologies ensure you always have an outstanding sailing experience aboard your yacht.

With more than 50% of race boats and 80% of superyachts relying on high performance Southern Spars rigs for their competitive edge, you can be sure that the expertise and products available through RigPro will be world-class.

Specializing in design and optimization of rigs to help improve their performance and longevity, helping retain the value of your investment. Click here to find out more about our maintenance programs.

Worldwide Service

Southern Spars Rig Pro

Always call RigPro, whether your yacht is carrying a Southern Spars’ rig or one from another manufacturer. Southern Spars enjoys an unparalleled reputation for designing and building exceptional mast and rigging solutions, and RigPro is the dedicated department within Southern Spars for rig maintenance and performance upgrades.

We come to you, wherever you maybe. Each office has 24/7 access to our global database of yachts, providing service history, rig survey results and detailed design resource to ensure that our staff have the best possible information on hand to look after your rig package.

For more information on Southern Spars Rig Pro, click here.